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There are several artists performing under the name Liv.

1. a Swedish (at least primarily Swedish) indie super group
2. a Croatian speed metal band
3. a Swiss rapper
4. a Japanese rock band
5. a Hungarian pop r'n'b duo
6. a British singer-songwriter on Xenomania Records

1. The most popular, most scrobbled Liv as of 2016 is a primarily Swedish 'super group' of indie artists: Lykke Li, Miike Snow and Peter Bjorn and John, plus the American producer Jeff Bhasker. Liv débuted in October 2016 with the track Wings of Love.

2. LIV is also a self proclaimed Croatian "speed metal attack".

Leo - vox
Pavo - gitara
Frost - gitara
Markec - bas
Miha - babanj

3. LIV is a Swiss rapper. His most recent albums were "Abgrund" and "Ufwind", which he put on the internet for free download.

4. LIV is a Japanese Rock band, consisting of 7 members. Oshio Manabu, is the founder, lead singer, guitarist, song writer and composer for the band. Toru Minami, plays keyboard and composes, Ju-ken is on bass, Kaoru Kato is also a guitarist, Hello is the drummer, Katomai is another guitarist and lastly, DJ Soma. They also have had other members help out like, Kazou(Drummer), Fumiya(Turntable), Kouki Ito (Bass), Junichi(Guitarist), Masahiro Miyazama(Bass), Hiatachi (Bass, Mirai no Hana) and Yuuchi (LIV @ Peace)

Discography for LIV:
First debut -> 'Without You' - 2002/01/23
'Try' - 2002/05/15
'Soul' - 2002/10/02
'FLY/May I Be Happy Forever' - 2003/03/06
'May I Be Happy Forever/FLY' - 2003/04/01
'Are You Alive' - 2003/08/06
'Fake Star' - 2004/06/09
'The Show' - 2007/08/04
'Mirai no Hana' - 2005/04/27

'The First Chapter' - 2002/10/30
'Skeleton Key' - 2003/09/23
'Mi Vida Loca' - 2005/06/22
'Colecci¨®n de Oro' - 2005/12/14

Videos (DVD):
'Clip One' - 2002/12/04
'Clip Two' - 2003/11/19
'LIV Tour 2003 Skeleton Key at Zepp Tokyo - 2033/12/07
'Clip Three' - 2005/07/13
'El Documental de Mi Vida Loca ¡«LIV TOUR 2005 Mi Vida Loca¡«' 2006/01/11

Videos (VHS):
'Clip One' - 2004/12/04

5. LIV is a Hungarian pop r'n'b duo. The name is from the 2 menbers' name, Ivett (Darabos Ivett Kata) & Leo (Regena Attila Leo). Their debut single is Indul a nyár in 2007.
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